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Whole cow of farm fresh beef. This whole cow includes the cuts below: You may customize all cuts and add any cuts you wish. 

Ground Beef
Sir Loin Steak
T Bone Steak
Rib Steak
Cubed Steak
Chuck Roast
Arm or Tip Roast
Soup Bones
Stew Meat

All weights are approx we dont know how much the cow weighs until it is back from the butcher. If you have a balance for extra pounds it is due at pick up. 

Cost is $4.50lb on the hang weight (600lbs) and a $200 butcher fee. 

Whole Cow

  • Our beef is farm raised on grass/silage and hay and finished on 30 days of grain. These are happy cows and live their best life up until butcher. 

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